Description 11

Do you feel that “it’s best for each person to figure things out for themselves?” Do you believe in “throwing someone into the thick of it” and letting them find their own way, or “present a thought” primarily to see how others will react to it? Do you believe that every idea needs to be carefully examined and tested (regardless of the source)?

Do you find you are very “in the moment” and action focused? Do you find planning “challenging” but also sometimes “want to have a strong plan?” Do you “yearn for meaning” but also easily become frustrated by the complexity that often surrounds questions of meaning? Do you feel that you struggle to “set yourself a goal” and “see it through to completion?” Do you sometimes feel like “I don’t know what I want” and it frustrates you?

“You are charismatic, playful, and ‘helpful’ (but people don’t always appreciate your help). You long to make a big impact. You often seek out something to ‘fix or upgrade.’ You often ‘test’ things to confirm that they still work. If it doesn’t, you may try for a ‘quick solutions’ (wanting to move on quickly). Once something is complete (or proven hopeless) you are quick to move on. You like the idea of a plan, you like knowing that ‘something will happen’ but prefer to not be obligated to attend or manage it.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?