Description 12

Do you feel a compulsion to “stay grounded” and “stick to the facts?” Do you feel obligated to be honest and up front?

Do you sometimes “want to understand others (emotionally)” while other times you intensely feel that “I don’t care what anyone else thinks/feels about me?” Do you struggle to identify/know “what the appropriate response is” to a given situation (how you should express yourself)? Do you sometimes worry that you “overly rely on logic” and feel isolated because of it?

“You ‘live in the moment.’ You are quick to think and quick to act. You are very precise. You sometimes create experiences for others, but may struggle with ‘feeling underappreciated.’ ‘Too much theory’ and ‘planning’ stresses you. You prefer to ‘take action’ and see what happens. You also find intense/excessive emotion stressful, preferring to focus on logical thought.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?