Description 16

Do you feel it is your duty to exercise discipline, to “dress and act appropriately?” Do you feel you “must” be patient with others? Do you often feel compelled to remind others of “other times” that they made similar choices and “the outcomes?”

Do you find that your emotions change quickly and are “more intense” than they are for most? Do you find that others often misinterpret how you are feeling? Are you very sensitive to the idea that “maybe I lack integrity” or “maybe I don’t have emotions?” Do you sometimes feel that others don’t appreciate how you express your “love/care” for them? Does the idea of explaining “how you feel” and “what you believe (morally)” feel stressful for you?

“You are disciplined, focused, and logical. You strive to achieve ‘maximum gains’ at ‘minimum costs.’ You are bold, willing to take risks that others shy away from. You are generous, helping others to enjoy ‘rich experiences’ with you. You have very high standards, and demand ‘the best’ of yourself. You strongly believe in ‘trusting the experts’ over ‘trusting yourself.’ You are stressed by ‘lack of order,’ distractions, surprises, laziness, guilt, and ‘too much abstract theory.’ You find comfort in solitude, the company of a trusted few, and concrete sensory activities (like exercise, gardening, or crafts).”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?