Description #26

Please consider the following 2 descriptions and choose the one that you feel best describes you.

Description #2

Do you strive to “look to the future” with an emphasis on “making responsible choices for the future?” Do you encourage others to “see the big picture” and “be responsible with their choices and wants?”

Do you struggle to “be heard?” Do you sometimes “refrain from sharing your thoughts” until others have shared theirs? Do you secretly fear that you are “too emotional?”

“You have a lot of positive energy. You are very caring and generous by nature, and very sensitive to conflict. You favor order and control, but prefer to compromise rather than lead. You may worry that you are not intelligent, and refrain from sharing your thoughts/ideas because of it. You strive to find your ‘trusted few’ and ‘surround yourself with them’ during a crisis.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?

Do you feel this is accurate for you?

Description #4

Do you feel it is often your role or responsibility to “point out other possibilities?” Do you feel compelled to consider “every idea, every possibility?”

Do you “seek out facts” and “cling to them,” using them as proof that you know the “1 truth?” Do you have a desperate need to know the “1 truth,” and an intense fear that “what you believe ‘may not be true after all?”

“You are an ‘idea’ person. You spend a great deal of time listening and thinking. You believe in individuality and don’t like labels or categories. In times of conflict, you ask questions to verify what others are thinking and feeling. You value independence. You find ‘intense emotions’ stressful. You enjoy solitude, physical activity, and meditation.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?

If neither of these feel like a good fit for you, then perhaps you’d like to reconsider some of your earlier choices.