Description 3

Are you sensitive to the emotions of others? Do you avoid emotional intensity and strive to maintain emotional harmony?

Do you secretly wish to be attractive, physically strong/skilled, and/or charismatic? Do you often find that you are “unrealistic” and wish you were more realistic (or strive to prove that you are realistic by achieving your unrealistic goals?

“You are very aware of the emotions of others. You find it easy/natural to ‘get inside someone’s head’ and ‘see things from their perspective.’ You often feel very ‘other’ and ‘out of place,’ like you are very different from everyone else in a very pronounced way. You are very goal driven and criticize yourself harshly. You are very sensitive to being ignored or excluded. When you feel ‘troubled,’ you often try to ‘find the pattern’ and ‘hidden meaning’ behind things. You enjoy nature and ‘opportunities to be clever.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?