Description 5

Do you feel a strong drive to “be true to yourself?” Do you often find yourself “so busy” that one day you pause and go “this isn’t who I am?” Do you find yourself drawn to “sets of values” (like religion) as a way of ensuring that you are “moral?”

Do you feel an intense desire to go out and experience “everything?” Do you struggle with routines, schedules, and traditions? Do you long to have “a place/space that is yours” but struggle to do what is necessary to achieve/maintain such a space?

“You value what is new and often look to the future. You warn others of possible dangers, and secretly expect some form of gratitude or reciprocity in return. You long to be admired and often seek out the company of people who are skilled, powerful, and/or attractive. You are very good at ‘making a case’ and convincing others to agree with you. You feel that rules are ‘open to interpretation’ and find a ‘lack of flexibility’ challenging. You do not like feeling ‘obligated’ to others. When stressed, you often seek out ‘distractions’ as a coping mechanism.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?