Description 6

Do you feel it is often your role or responsibility to “point out other possibilities?” Do you feel compelled to consider “every idea, every possibility?”

Do you sometimes “want to understand others (emotionally)” while other times you intensely feel that “I don’t care what anyone else thinks/feels about me?” Do you struggle to identify/know “what the appropriate response is” to a given situation (how you should express yourself)? Do you sometimes worry that you “overly rely on logic” and feel isolated because of it?

“You value ‘feeling in control’ and strive to use logic to achieve this. Sometimes you can be so engaged by your own thoughts that you forget the world around you. You feel a strong desire to ‘contribute the greatest good to the world’ and do so by choosing a single field or subject to focus on. You often prefer to work alone on this task. You sometimes ‘wish to connect with others’ but also worry that ‘they will slow me down. When stressed, you apply more logic in an effort to restore order. You strive to maintain control of your emotions, but once in a great while you do lose control, and afterwards you can be very self critical.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?