Description 8

Do you sometimes feel that “my way of seeing things’ is the best way of seeing things?” Do you strive to “look ahead” and “point out specific possibilities” to others? Do you sometimes “forgo what you want” because you feel it “doesn’t fit” within the larger “system” of choices and “things that are already in motion?”

Do you find that your emotions change quickly and are “more intense” than they are for most? Do you find that others often misinterpret how you are feeling? Are you very sensitive to the idea that “maybe I lack integrity” or “maybe I don’t have emotions?” Do you sometimes feel that others don’t appreciate how you express your “love/care” for them? Does the idea of explaining “how you feel” and “what you believe (morally)” feel stressful for you?

“You value logic and efficiency. You strive for ‘maximum gains at minimum costs.’ You work hard and express your opinions openly. You value knowledge. If you don’t know the correct answer, you seek it out. You focus on your goal (and sometimes lose sight of the big picture). You take charge and strive to keep emotion out of the equation. You are stressed by ‘foolishness’ and ‘a lack of good judgement.’ When stressed, you are direct and honest about your objections. If others refuse to heed you, you may quickly become intensely angry. Time alone engaging in sensory activities (hiking, crafting, golf) often help you destress.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?