Question 4 (v7)

So far you have chosen Investigator, Wayfarer, and Starter.

Below you will see 3 descriptions.

Read through all of them and choose the one you feel best describes you.

If you feel that none of the description fits you, choose the Reconsider button at the bottom of the page.


Artists are very sensory, very focused on “what is” and “physically exists.” Abstract concepts, ideas, and “possibilities” are not their forte. Artists often want to create a strong sensory experience for others (and be admired/praised for their effort), but they struggle to “plan” or “make a decision.” They’re more “reactive.”

Artists have a strong sense of duty and discipline, but it’s almost always defined by their own personal goals (they do not readily conform or submit to the authority of others). They like to choose and will often rebel against any form of “command” or “directive.” Options are key.

Artists tend to be confident, direct, and honest. Arrogance and egotism are not uncommon.


Intellectuals focus on abstract ideas and theories, using logic to create and understand complex relationships (often relating to physics and other sciences). Some prefer to focus on “what can be clearly measured and defined,” while others yearn to “step outside of the known conventions” and create something more unique.

Intellectuals are very “possessive” of their ideas, very driven to “be the one to innovate.” They are often competing (sometimes with themselves).


Guardians are driven by duty, loyalty, and safety. They look to the past, relying on “what has worked” to guide them as they “plan for the future.” They are cautious and slow to change.

Guardians focus on the needs and wants of others (as they themselves perceive them to be). This means they will often “help others” and “sacrifice for others,” but they don’t always do what others want them to do.

Guardians tend to be sensitive to conflict, and often strive to “take care of others” to avoid conflict and create harmony. In times of conflict, Guardians can be very emotional.

Guardians are not comfortable with their own desires, and do not like being asked “what do you want?” This is not to say that they don’t “want” things, they just don’t like formally thinking about the idea that they want. Instead they prefer to either “receive” or “go out and experience things.” They often favor “sensory pleasures” and “comforts.”

If you feel that none of these descriptions is a good fit for you, click the Reconsider button below to revisit some of your earlier answers.