Reconsidering Templar or Dreamer

If you feel that the previous page was not a good fit for you, then it’s time to reexamine some of your earlier choices and consider other possibilities.

You previously chose Templar and Dreamer. Please review both now and consider whether you’d like to change one or both of those answers.


Templars focus on “emotions” and “the individual.” Everything is very “personal” for a templar. Templars want to do “what is best for others.” They believe in “adapting to the situation” and strive to “avoid conflict” and encourage “harmony.” They tend to be very kind and considerate (until they reach a breaking point, then they become intense and volatile).

Templars often try to teach others “how to analyze” and “think for themselves” (to think like a Templar). They gradually “open up” and become more honest and “authentic” with others. They have a reputation for passion and intensity, which they strive to control.

Templars are often looking for answers, for “truth,” but for them truth is very personal. They enjoy learning from and with others, but also need room to decide “what is true for me” (and freedom from external pressures that insist they conform). Templars believe in honesty (those who refuse to recognize their flaws can be quite frustrating).

Some Templars are known to prioritize “fun” over duty, avoiding their responsibilities for as long as possible. They don’t recognize the consequences of their actions and will “try things” just to “see what happens.”

Other Templars have a very strong sense of “purpose” (sometimes bordering on self-righteous”). They believe that “I understand (while most do not), and I need to share my insights with others.” They can struggle to listen to “what others have to say.”


Dreamers are often subtle, soft spoken, and caring. They want to connect with and understand others in the deepest of ways. Dreamers are romantics and artists. They focus on the future, imagining what could be. Dreamers are always striving towards a goal, trying to bring their “dreams” to life. They may struggle to start something, but once begun, they rarely give up (even when they should).

Socially, Dreamers are very open and honest, but also very vulnerable and sensitive. They do not handle conflict well and strive to achieve harmony with others (sometimes sacrificing their own wants and desires for the sake of others). This can lead to a hidden “build-up” of frustration, a rare but intense desire to “get what I want,” or an excess of “self-indulgence.”

Note: Note: If you choose to change Dreamer, you will also need to re-click Templar.

If you feel that both Dreamer and Templar are accurate, please click here.