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You may be an ESFP

This type embraces the present with an optimistic enthusiasm that can be electrifying. Their charisma and charm quickly win over the people around them. They excel at “setting things in motion” and “getting people ‘on board,” while letting others lead.

This type often relies on others for their sense of “self” (and self-worth). Reputation and status are very important to this type. They tend to relate better to others when the emphasis is on “crafting ‘something sensory’ together.”

This type is very good at processing and reacting “in the moment,” but can find abstract ideas a bit harder to process. This makes them skeptical (and sometimes sensitive) about their own knowledge, making them more reliant on others to provide them with “correct conclusions.” They do enjoy “enhancing” and “contributing to” the ideas of others, but often need that “confirmation/validation” that they are right.