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You may be an ESTP

This type is very “in the moment.” They’re aware of everything going on around them, but they can be short-sighted. This makes them very strong in a crisis, but less skilled when it comes to “maintenance and upkeep.” This type may “seek out a crisis” so that they can “solve it” and thus “make a significant impact.” Once they succeed in that goal (or determine it’s hopeless), they are quick to move on (expecting others to maintain what they have “set up”).

This type is often perceived as “high achievers,” but the reality is they are often “very dependent upon others,” particularly those who “take care of mundane matters” and “maintain their home” so that they are free to focus on the “big issues” they are trying to resolve. This type needs that safety net (both the safe space that’s devoid of problems, and the certainty that others will “take care of it” for them).