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You may be an ISTP

This type is very reactionary, “in the moment,” very aware of their surroundings and “what’s happening around them.” They quietly gathering information, then react quickly, but they don’t always think beyond the immediate consequences of their actions. This type does not like to be idle. If nothing is going on, they may “start something” to “see what happens.”

This type is very detail oriented, very precise and specific. They often excel at crafts, physical activities, and working with machines. They are “quick to notice when something is wrong” and don’t hesitate to voice their concerns, which sometimes come as “criticizing” and/or controlling. They tend to favor logic and “blunt honesty” over sensitivity and emotion, as well as small, immediate, and “quickly completed” things.

This type often demonstrates their “care for others” through the sensory experiences they create for others (which, again, speaks to their tendency to control and manage their surroundings). However, they can also be quick to anger or hostility if others fail to recognize and appreciate this type’s efforts, or try to be “too controlling” in their own right.