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You may be an ISFP

This type is known for their quiet focus. They often prefer solitude (for 2 reasons).

This type is very independent and private about what they think and feel. They will often isolate themselves so that they can “figure out what they personally believe” without being distracted by the thoughts and feelings of others. They are very private, and do not “share” their “thoughts and feelings” with others lightly. If they do, it’s important to be very respectful.

This type is known for their patience and dedication (sometimes bordering on perfectionism). They tend to “choose a craft or skill” and “master it.” This “craft or skill” can become central to their identity, more important than anything else (including their own health). And yet (at the same time) this type may (sometimes) decide that they have “mastered this skill” and abruptly “move on to another.”

This type is very sensitive about their reputation, about what “the group” or “community” think of them (another reason they tend to avoid large groups). This tendency to “isolate themselves” can lead to a weak grasp of social conventions and personal boundaries. (It’s also not uncommon for this type to struggle to communicate with words, favoring expression through their craft or skill.)