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You may be an ESFJ

This type is very caring by nature (they have a strong desire to “be wanted”). Often they will “attach themselves” to specific people, and possessively cling to “their role” as helper (potentially becoming confrontational if someone else tries to usurp their role).

This type is very “driven by duty.” They do “want things,” but they often “don’t feel comfortable asserting themselves” until they have discharged their duty to others. In some cases they may need to “earn what they want” or else they will struggle to enjoy it.

In terms of “what they want,” this type may imagine many possibilities, but remain uncertain “what to choose.” In many cases they “like to wander” but also like to have a “guide” and/or “safety net” who will lead them to “good things” (even as they allow the ESFJ to wander).

This type also needs to be careful of “other people.” They have a tendency to “agree with” and “adopt the values” of the people around them, partly due to their strong desire to “avoid conflict,” and their “need to ‘be needed,” but they are also prone to “doubting their own ideas” and can easily come to believe that “I can’t trust my own thoughts or ideas. I need to rely on others to ‘tell me what to believe.”