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You may be an ISTJ

This type is very knowledge focused, but they also tend to be skeptical of what they themselves know, so they often seek confirmation from outside sources; relying on the past (through routines and traditions) or relying on others (through experts). In turn, they don’t like to experiment and can become frustrated with anyone or anything that “casts doubt” on things they’ve previously verified. They are slow to change.

This type is very aware of “potential dangers” and often stick to the “tried and true” and “the familiar” as a way of protecting themselves (and others). They rely on others to “chart a new path” and then guide them (if someone has “prior experience,” just “knowing that” will really help to reassure this type).

This type tends to be “single-minded,” often focusing on some form of “research and study.” As a result, they can be a bit oblivious to social conventions, though they regard it as their duty and responsibility to conform.