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You may be an ENFJ

This type is known for their enthusiasm and positive energy. They are very sensitive to the emotions of others, so they strive to create and maintain an upbeat/positive atmosphere around themselves. If they sense that “someone else is having a rough time,” they will instinctively try to help, but if the problem persists, they may need to distance themselves from that person (or risk becoming drained and down themselves).

This “sensitivity to the emotions of others” leads to a desire to feel “in control,” but at the same time this types rarely tries to “be in charge” or “control others” in the traditional sense. Instead they try to “mediate” and “encourage compromise” as a way of minimizing conflicts. As a result, they often “go with the flow” and can easily be “influenced” or “led astray.” In rare instances this “reluctance to assert themselves” can lead to a quiet build up of intense emotions, until those emotions suddenly “burst forth” from this type.