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You may be an INFP

This type is a quiet, subtle type. They listen and observe, rarely speaking or taking action. They are slow to “open up” to others, but often long for understanding, validation, and connection (a desire that is rarely fulfilled).

They have a strong respect for individuality, independence, and free will. They firmly believe in every person’s right to privacy. They do not believe in “conformity” or “labels.”

This type is a dreamer, and they tend to dream big. They are often more comfortable with “ideas” and “possibilities” than reality. Some may be aggressive activists, others may be mellow artists or philosophers who “don’t really care if you disagree with them.”

This emphasis on “big ideas” can also lead to a “weak awareness” of their surroundings, making them rely on routines, traditions, and “familiar things” to make it easier for them (routines and traditions this type has chosen for themselves).