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You may be an ENFP

This type is all about “possibilities.” They will “play with” many ideas, regularly alternating between several, sometimes developing them quite extensively, but remain “unattached to them,” letting them go without hesitation.

This type is known for their idealism, optimism, and enthusiasm. They often perceive the future as “bright” and “full of wondrous possibilities.” At the same time, they are aware of potential problems, and will often “care for others” by warning them of said “potential pitfalls.”

This type is very reputation and perception focused. They value “being admired” and will often strive to “present themselves well” and “associate with people who are prominent, powerful, and/or attractive.

This emphasis on “perception” also extends to “the truth.” This type frequently believes that “if enough people believe something, then it must be ‘true,” and that “if you can change enough people’s minds, you can change ‘what is true.” This makes this type very adaptable (particularly in matters of law and rules).