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You may be an INTP

            This type is very knowledge focused. They tend to gather “bits and pieces of information” from many sources, and recombine them into their own personal version of “the subject.” “What is true” is a very personal matter for this type. They will “keep their own counsel” and will “test things” before “accepting them.”

            This type chooses a single field or subject to “focus on,” and dedicate themselves to it. They frequently feel an intense need to “make a big contribution to the world,” which is ironic considering they often favor solitude and easily forget about the people and world around them.

            This type do want to connect with others; they just also worry that “others will slow them down” and “disrupt their order.” They control their surroundings through routines and “familiar patterns.” Ironically, this type find “repetitive tasks” and “lack of freedom” stressful.