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You may be an ENTP

This type is first and foremost explorers and “brainstormers.” They will take one thing (a remark, an item, an image), and come up with many unique and interesting thoughts and ideas that (to an external observer) seem unrelated, but to this type it makes perfect sense.

This emphasis on “ideas” (and the speed with which they generate them) means that this type tends to “act quickly” and rarely hesitate. However, just because they “act” does not mean they “know.” Often they’ll “take action” as a way of “trying something out” and “gathering new information” in the form of “what happens if I do ‘this.” They want to “get things moving” and find it difficult to “wait patiently.” They want to “finish it” and “move on.”

This type is very freedom focused. They don’t like feeling “limited” (even by moral or ethical values). They prioritize effectiveness and adaptation, anything to “get things moving.” They need to “be in the thick of things” and “centrally involved.”