Description #20

Please consider the following 3 descriptions and choose the one that you feel best describes you.

Description #7

Do you feel it is your responsibility to “guide” and “correct others” when they say or do something “incorrect?” Do you support others by “helping them to be more organized/efficient?”

Do you secretly wish to be attractive, physically strong/skilled, and/or charismatic? Do you often find that you are “unrealistic” and wish you were more realistic (or strive to prove that you are realistic by achieving your unrealistic goals?

“You ‘make a plan’ and ‘see it through.’ You rarely ‘give up’ once you set your mind to something. You believe in ‘mastering’ or ‘perfecting’ a thing. You build connections slowly, but the few connections you have are strong. You are slow to trust, but you are fiercely loyal once that trust is earned. You believe in harsh truth and ‘facing reality.’ You sometimes struggle with ‘too much activity around you,’ too much socializing, too much emotion, or ‘plans that change too frequently.’ In those times you tend to withdraw into your mind, turning to logical thoughts.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?

Description #9

Do you feel that “it’s best for each person to figure things out for themselves?” Do you believe in “throwing someone into the thick of it” and letting them find their own way, or “present a thought” primarily to see how others will react to it? Do you believe that every idea needs to be carefully examined and tested (regardless of the source)?

Do you feel an intense desire to go out and experience “everything?” Do you struggle with routines, schedules, and traditions? Do you long to have “a place/space that is yours” but struggle to do what is necessary to achieve/maintain such a space?

“You love to explore, to try new things. You are overflowing with ideas, and sometimes struggle to manage them all. You are quick to act and struggle to ‘wait’ and ‘think first.’ You favor ‘direct truth’ over sensitivity, though you can ‘fake it’ for the sake of social conventions. Sometimes you ‘pretend’ for so long that you start to forget ‘who you really are.’ You long for the spotlight and want to ‘be involved.’ Once something is complete, you move on without hesitation (that’s in the past). You long for company, but struggle with obligations or expectations. In times of stress, you may meditate, exercise, or vent.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?

Description #10

Do you feel a strong drive to “be true to yourself?” Do you often find yourself “so busy” that one day you pause and go “this isn’t who I am?” Do you find yourself drawn to “sets of values” (like religion) as a way of ensuring that you are “moral?”

Do you find you are very “in the moment” and action focused? Do you find planning “challenging” but also sometimes “want to have a strong plan?” Do you “yearn for meaning” but also easily become frustrated by the complexity that often surrounds questions of meaning? Do you feel that you struggle to “set yourself a goal” and “see it through to completion?” Do you sometimes feel like “I don’t know what I want” and it frustrates you?

“You are optimistic, cheerful, enthusiastic, and full of energy. You like to ‘set things in motion’ but often prefer to let others ‘lead.’ Sometimes you are so busy going from one activity to another that ‘when you stop’ you realize that you are not sure ‘who you really are.’ You are very interested in how others perceive you to be. You like being admired and often carefully manage your appearance and reputation. You are very carefully to avoid any embarrassing situations. You often like to hear the thoughts and ideas of others, preferring to enhance theirs rather than create your own. Plans, structures, and obligations can be very stressful. You also struggle with too much solitude, criticism, or abstract theory. When stressed, you often seek out ‘sensory distractions,’ or even seek ‘time by yourself’ to better understand things.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?

If none of these feel like a good fit for you, then perhaps you’d like to reconsider some of your earlier choices.