Description #21

Please consider the following # descriptions and choose the one that you feel best describes you.

Description #1

Are you sensitive to the emotions of others? Do you avoid emotional intensity and strive to maintain emotional harmony?

Do you secretly wish to be creative but struggle with “too many different ideas?” Do you find “new things” stressful and “cling to the familiar?”

“You are sensitive to ‘change’ but will embrace fads as a way of connecting with others. You favor ‘duty’ over ‘desire,’ and value cleanliness and order. You can become stressed if you ‘help too much.’ You prefer ‘more guidance’ and focus on ‘concrete details.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?

Description #14

Do you feel it is your duty to exercise discipline, to “dress and act appropriately?” Do you feel you “must” be patient with others? Do you often feel compelled to remind others of “other times” that they made similar choices and “the outcomes?”

Do you struggle to “be heard?” Do you sometimes “refrain from sharing your thoughts” until others have shared theirs? Do you secretly fear that you are “too emotional?”

“You believe in your duty to others. You want ‘to be wanted.’ You tend to ‘choose a few’ and care for them. Once your role is secure, you like to wander, to let others guide you to strong sensory experiences. You find ‘lack of organization’ stressful, as well as conflict or distrust. When problems persist, you apply logic, seeking the ‘root/heart’ of the problem. You are often soothed by nature, exercise, and time with a trusted few, sharing positive emotions and light-hearted ‘detail orientated’ projects.”

Do you feel this is accurate for you?

If none of these feel like a good fit for you, then perhaps you’d like to reconsider some of your earlier choices.