About Intuitive-I.com

Intuitive-I.com is intended to be a place where I can share some of my intuitive thoughts, ideas, and theories with others (who hopefully will find them helpful).

This may include:

Personality Theory

  • The 16 Types (derived from the works of Carl Jung but often referred to as Myers-Briggs)
  • The 8 Skills, (Introverted & Extroverted) Intuition, Sensing, Feeling, and Thinking
  • The 8 Roles
  • The Dark Within (Shadow Work)
  • Frameworks (what they are, how to create them, and how to use them)

Social and Communal topics like:

  • Communication
  • Connections
  • Depression Economics
  • Making Space for Others

As well as casual discussion topics like:

  • Machines, Robots, and Cyborgs
  • Playing (how we often “pretend” for fun)
  • Fear and Danger (how we avoid and seek it out)

These are only a few ideas I’d like to discuss, but it’s a start.

What led me to this point

Throughout my life I have frequently noticed how, in different ways, I tend to have a very different perspective than most. I interpret things differently, and I prioritize different things. One thing that’s always been important to me is “making sense of things.” So (for much of my life) I have (among other things) studied myself, trying to understand “how I am.”

Several years ago I experienced one of the more confusing things in my life. Things “went wrong” in ways that seemed to cascade, and I found myself struggling with “Why ‘these particular events’ troubled me so,” and “Why did it seem (to me) that most people around me could not understand why it troubled and challenged me so?”

That led to a more thorough effort to “study” and “understand,” and after the better part of a decade I feel like I have an answer (not a complete one, but enough to understand). I continue my studies, but now they’re motivated by a desire to create an understanding (through writing) that feels more “well-rounded.” I doubt it will ever be complete, but I think I can get it to a point where it feels “well-rounded.”

At a certain point during my studies, I started looking for other people like me (people who shared some of my traits, and people who also wanted to understand these things). At first I approached it from a perspective of “Politely ask a question (or offer an opinion), explaining that I’m trying to ‘compare notes’ and improve my understanding,” but over time something interesting happened.

Throughout my life, I’d frequently felt like “Most people are not interested in what interests me” and “Odds are that most people ‘already know this stuff’ and ‘understand it just as well as I do (if not better).”

But I started to encounter people who “Wanted to hear (or read) what I knew,” people who (seemed) to feel that I had a strong grasp of these subjects.

So I decided that I would share what I knew (carefully). And (at least for now) that is taking the form of this site. In time I may publish (I am currently exploring the idea of doing workshops and presentations), but I also think it’s good to provide a site where people can browse some of my content.

About Me (Personally)

If anyone is curious about “Who I am” and “What I am like,” here’s a little bit about me.

Stories and nature are two of my oldest loves and passions.

I like hiking, swimming, and generally spending time in nature. I also really enjoy stories (written, visual, video, audio (in the form of songs), games (video and card/board/dice), etc.). I greatly enjoy costumes and larp (live action role play) because I feel they often combine my love of stories with my love of nature.

I am intuitive by nature. I am often curious about “the meaning behind things” and “how things connect.”

I am particularly fond of fantasy, science fiction, anime, some supernatural horror, some mysteries, and a smattering of other genres.

I often like activities that leave room to be clever, something where there’s room to “solve a problem” or “achieve a goal” using various methods, where you can use and combine resources and actions in ways that “even the creators may have not anticipated.”

I think the world can easily feel very challenging (and boring), but it doesn’t have to be. I think, with a little creativity, many things can become a game, or an adventure (or both).

I feel like I could say more (and at some point I may), but for now I think I’ll leave it at that.