Welcome to Intuitive-I. A website dedicated to exploring many intuitive subjects, including casual ones (like the nature of play, masks, and our various relationships with machines), to more formal subjects (like how different personality type theories can help us understand ourselves and others, and how we relate to and interact with ourselves and others).

In general, the site can be divided into two types of content: blog posts and pages. But before we go over those, let’s do a brief overview of the menus themselves.


There are two menus, one along the top, and one along the right side.

The one on the right is a list of blog post categories. You can use those to jump around.

The menu along the top includes:

  • Home-takes you back to the main page.
  • Introductions-which took you to this page.
  • Blog Posts-which can be used to browse all posts, or only view Discussion, Personality Theory, or Relationship posts. (More on these categories in the Blog Post section below).
  • Personality Types-leads to the 16 Personality Test, the 16 Personality Types page, and Personality Theory posts.
  • About-offers a bit more information about the story of this site, and myself.
  • Contact Me-in case you wish to email me.
  • Links-to my other sites, as well as other webpages that I think might relate to these topics.


Pages represent information that I wish to always make available, and “not necessarily as part of a chain of content segments (in contrast with blog posts).” Pages can only be reached by clicking specific links (in the menus along the top) or specific buttons (within pages). This helps to ensure that people are able to navigate effectively or (in the case of the personality test) navigate correctly.

Blog Post Categories

Blog posts are intended to help foster discussion and exploration. They may wander and end up being a bit scattered, but in my mind that is part of the creative learning process.

Below is a brief overview of my different blog post categories.

  • Announcements-in case I need to update people about any current or upcoming changes to the site.
  • Discussion-this category is for topics that don’t really relate to “personality type” or “relationships,” but they do strike me as interesting (and intuitive).
  • Personality Theory-one of the central topics of my study, these posts relate to different “types” of personalities (as well as topics relating to personality types). Subtopics include “skills” and “roles” (which often represent the mental/emotional traits that distinguish one type from another).
  • Relationships-independent of a person’s “type,” I feel there’s a great deal that relates to “how we relate to, interact with, and connect with” ourselves, other people, and groups (communities, society, etc.).

I hope you find some of this helpful.